Idra Twin Control System - TCS

TCS (Twin Control System): the solution for the most demanding production and structural components.
Diecasters know how important it is to have a high speed injection rate for second phase. Often the quality of the casting produced is intrinsically linked to this parameter.
TCS is the system that guarantees the best second phase speed available on the market today (greater than 10 m / s), and is the technological solution necessary for the production of High Integrity, thin wall, Castings such as structural components in aluminum or magnesium alloys.
TCS is a simple and reliable system, characteristics which are common in all the innovative features of IDRA machines, based on the principle of maximum flow of hydraulic fluid and minimum pressure drop.

Idra engineers have therefore designed and built an hydraulic system which differs from the standard solutions of injection only and exclusively for the part relating to manifold/distributor and second stage valve, made up of two ON / OFF cartridge valves operated in parallel, and mounted in a single manifold/distributor that minimises pressure losses

Only on machines of closing force greater than 3,000 tons it is necessary to change the meter out control exhaust group.