cold chamber die casting machines

The traditional OL CS series cold chamber machines, ranging from 420 tons to 5500 tons of clamping force, are designed for high performance and constant product quality. 

Continuing the IDRA reputation for innovation and development the OL CS takes 70 years of industry experience and condenses it in to one package designed for foundry needs and the latest production requirements.

The compact mechanical structure and robust dimensions have been designed using the same criteria and characteristics that have always guaranteed long life and reliability for the foundry. Emphasis on the overall length of the machine ensures that the required floor space is equal to or better than the two platen product range. 

Integrated high flow hydraulic manifold blocks and increased pump capacity ensure that the fast cycle times required can be achieved, whilst energy cost can be kept to a minimum by the use of energy efficient motors with speed control. The drastic reduction of external pipe work reduces the need for maintenance and minimises the risk of fluid loss.

The new award winning Inject Computer 3.0 offers the best in class machine management software.  Incorporating a multi touch screen and 3D diagnostics with single point setting for integrated peripheral automation.  Available with machine tablet allowing portable access for diagnostics and management of the production cell.

Due to the innovative mechanical design all groups of the machine take into consideration the need for easy access for maintenance procedures. 

Closed  loop multi point control of the injection velocity and pressure, programming and control of process parameters give the die caster all of the necessary tools required for the most demanding parts.

New OL CS series gives excellent performance of the injection, combining high dynamic force with strong intensification for final pressure and complete flexibility of setting to give precise, stable production parameters.

High integrity components for the automotive sector, including structural and power train, can be produced with the highest guaranteed quality and productivity.

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