Innovation is part of the genetic (ZH)

Change instruments but not the desire to provide customers advanced systems.

我们秉承的理念 是成为全球轻合金铸造 业 压铸 工艺和自动化单元的设计和制造者

Riccardo Ferrario

Technology (ZH)

Innovating the process

Innovation is the competitive advantage that establishes the success of a company. For that reason IDRA rushes to reach new and stretched innovative targets for its products.

Process (ZH)

Casting quality is a must

Idra will continue to invest in foundry process solutions that guarantees the best casting quality, in A more demanding market which requires parts with best in class mechanical properties.

Energy savings (ZH)

More energy for the environment

Max energy efficiency to heavily reduce production costs, and full respect of our eco system.

Service (ZH)

Always with you

Idra Group, a reliable partner for after sale service & spare parts assistance. Best in class service guaranteed by our worldwide service & spare parts network.

History (zh)

Same passion, after more than 60 years of history.

Idra is synonymous of die casting machine. Our competence and knowhow began with the cold chamber technology , and continued to grow also covering hot chamber technology for Zinc and Magnesium alloys as well as plastic injection molding machines.

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cold chamber die casting machines

The traditional OLS series cold chamber machines, ranging from 420 tons to 4000 tons of clamping force, are designed for high performance and constant product quality. By choosing IDRA, the customer...

OLR ll

Two platens horizontal cold chamber machines

The new range of OLR represents the second generation of two platen machines and is the result of the development of the first generation lounced in year 2000.The new solutions are based on our long...