AUDI delegation in Idra for a training course


A qualified team of technical development group AUDI products and technologies have come from Ingolstadt to IDRA to attend a training course on the most advanced technologies in the field of Diecasting.

The course, which lasted from 22 to 26 October covered the features of latest generation IDRA presses with closed-loop control in real-time of speed and pressure with all part of process control and statistical analysis of press performance.

AUDI technicians were favorably impressed by testing procedures involving, in addition to the functional tests, a test run duration to determine the CP and CPK values of injection. This guaranteed the repeatability of the process parameters on the die casting machine.

A section of the course was devoted to the technologies for the production of high-integrity metallurgical castings as the SSR to use alloys solidification range. SSR technology is particularly suitable for the production of medium and large castings thickness normally produced in low-pressure and gravity with primary alloys and heat-treated. SSR technology can achieve productive gains and significant cost reductions.

A course session was dedicated to NoX technology that provides high levels of vacuum into the die cavity  and is suitable for the production of structural castings with high mechanical characteristics and usable for assembly techniques that involve plastic deformation and welding.

AUDI is particularly committed to developing solutions with aluminium structural parts in order to reduce the weight of cars and consequently consumption.

At the end of the course, AUDI engineers have expressed their satisfaction with the information received that were judged by their extreme interest.