GIFA 2019: Giga success for Idra Group


Gifa ’19 is ended and we want to thank all visitors that came to our booth; it was a special event and we enjoyed the opportunity to introduce our new products – Giga Press and X-Press to the foundry world.

“Gifa ’19 has again proven to be “the Foundry Expo”, enthusiastically said Riccardo Ferrario – Idra Group General Manager. “Despite a difficult market moment - all major die casting manufacturers face a – 20 % decrease in sales during 2019 compared to the record year of 2018, we have taken a breath of optimism for the near future. Idra is ready for the next wave of investments from the automotive suppliers, which will be greatly received by companies that have anticipated product innovation like us”.

Idra group has officially launched two important news on the market:
Giga Press, 5,500 and 6,200 ton Large Cold Chamber clamping force
X-Press new product line, a reliable and competitive solutions for small medium press tonnage
“Our effort towards real innovative applications has been highly appreciated by all visitors to the exhibition. Immediate result, we have signed new contracts for one OL 4.200 CS, one OL 5.200 CS and one X-Press die casting machine”. The Idra booth has been visited by more than 400 people who also appreciated the “Italian hospitality and food”. This is a best result in the recent history of Idra Group at Gifa “I had also the chance to walk and see what our competitors have brought to Gifa ’19. I like to underline that the “famous” toggle free - two platen dcm concept is finally put to bed. Idra never truly invested into it; there was no real innovation seen from it, but a more complicated and sophisticated machine. Instead IDRA heavily invested in our traditional solid, reliable toggle system, reaching the tonnage of our Giga presses. It’s important to note we are the only one who can make them in standard lead time.

Now, all major machine producers, are back to traditional toggle system, launching their new products and in that way following our lead. This is the best recognition we could ask for. Our principles and way to work, always driven by delivering real competitive advantage to our customers and the foundry”.

Idra Group is now having its “Open House event” at Idra Italy, where visitors can “touch” our best technology.

“Thank you to everyone who continue to trust in us and see you soon at Euroguss 2020. We will have more innovation and fantastic news for you!”